• The sample of soy polish remover will be in our base formula with lavender essential oil and vitamins A, C, and E. It will ship in a 2 oz clear glass bottle like the one on the left.
  • Samples are $3.75 each plus shipping and the limit is one per customer.
  • Many customers choose to create their own formulation by adding in an essential oil. We only keep samples of the remover with vitamins and lavender essential oil so if you would like a sample.
  • Additional Information

  • Shipping charges for samples are additional and will be quoted when you place your order.
  • Please allow 5-7 working days for the processing of your sample order.
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    Soy Polish Remover must be ordered in 5-gallon batches.
    Choose between our standards Soy Polish Remover formula or our Soy Polish Remover with Vitamins A,C,&E.

    Option 1: Standard Formula

  • Minimum Order-5 Gallons (5-Gallon Drum)
  • Base cost:* US $380.00 ($76 per Gallon)**
  • Vegan friendly, and non-acetone based.
  • Option 2: Standard Formula Plus Vitamins A, C, & E

  • Minimum Order-5 Gallons(5-Gallon Drum)
  • Base cost:* US $380.00 ($76 per Gallon)**
  • Vegan friendly, and non-acetone based.
  • **Pricing does not include cost of imprint or labels.

    *Adding an Essential Oil to your product is another way to make your product unique. This can be added to both options 1 and 2. This will add an additional cost of US $135.00($27 per Gallon) to your end price.


    If you choose to, you may add an essential oil to your soy polish remover.

    • Apricot Kernel Oil• Geranium Oil• Peppermint Oil
    • Abyssinian Oil• Ginger Root• Pomegranate Oil
    • Almond Oil• Grapeseed Oil• Rosemary Oil
    • Argan Oil• Grapefruit Oil*• Safflower Oil
    • Avocado Oil• Jojoba Esters• Soybean Oil
    • Bakhoor Attar Oil(Rose Family)• Jojoba Oil• Tea Tree Oil
    • Black Currant Seed Oil• Lavender Oil• Tube Rose Oil
    • Black Seed Oil• Lemon Oil• Vanilla Oil-Flavor
    • Citronella Oil• Meadowfoam Seed Oil• Vanilla Oil-Midnight
    • Citrus Grove• Moringa Oil• Vanilla Oil-Pear
    • Coconut Oil• Musk Rose Oil• Vanilla Oil-Sandalwood
    • Flaxseed Oil• Orange Oil• White Oudh Attar Oil(Rose Family)
    • Frankincense Oil• Oregano Oil

  • Please note you may only order one essential oil per 5 gallons.
  • For fragrances with a competing scent to the soy, you may want more than 1%, but it is not required. Examples are the citrus scents and nuts, like almond oil. This may affect pricing.
  • *In order to get a true grapefruit fragrance, you must use 2% essential oil which will add an additional $135.00 to the final cost of the bulk remover.


    You may choose to order a 5-gallon drum of soy polish remover and package it on you own, or you may upgrade and order it prepackaged in 2 oz. and/or 4 oz. glass bottles. You may mix and match. They are available in clear, amber, blue or green. Each bottle is shrink sealed.

    Pricing is as follows:

      Receive In A 5 Gallon Container
      5 gallons will give you approximately 160-4 oz bottles or 320-2 oz bottles.

      Receive Prepackaged In Glass Bottles

      2 oz4 oz
      Amber & Clear$2.30$3.35

      Price includes filling, shrink seal, and application of labels.

      Safety Seal

    • All bottle will come with a poly seal cap which acts as a seal for the bottle.
    • Additionally, all bottles will come shrink wrapped at the cap to make them tamper proof.
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      Please keep in mind the shape of the label when sending in artwork.

      Standard 2 oz. Laminated Label
      Label Dimensions: 4.5" x 2"

      Standard 4 oz. Laminated Label
      Label Dimensions: 5.5" x 2"

      2 Oz SOY REMOVER LABEL Template
      4  Oz SOY REMOVER LABEL Template

      Start Up Cost For Decorating Labels
      $75.00 artwork charge.
      This is a one time cost unless the artwork changes.
      Labels start at $0.35 each with an minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 500 labels. (Total starting cost of $175.00).

      Artwork Requirements
      All products must display the Net Wt., the soy polish remover name, and the ingredients list. We have a template that you may use to design your label on or you may create your own.
      You can use our standard template or use a blank template.
      Speak with your sales associate for more information and label quotes.