Standard Formula:

Samples are $2.75 each plus shipping. You may choose to order individual samples, but you must order a minimum of 18 bottles and a maximum of 48 bottles. Alternatively you may purchase a “Complete Color Library”(CCL) containing every one of our standard colors AND nail treatments which is $425.00 plus the cost of shipping. Please note that samples are only sent in the Lisa 10 (8248) bottle with the white(8097) cap.

You may also purchase our Nail Treatment Library (CLTREAT) separately if you are only interested in receiving samples of our 20 treatments. The cost for this is $55.00 plus shipping.

Halal Formula:

Samples are $3.00 each plus shipping. You may choose to order individual sampless, but you must order a minimum of 18 bottles. Alternatively you may purchase a "Complete Color Library – Halal" (CCLH) which contains every one of our 34 Halal shades plus a breathable top coat. The cost for the CCLH is $105.00 plus shipping.

Shipping charges for individual samples are additional, and will be quoted when you place your order. Please allow 5-7 working days for the processing of your sample order.

Please note that samples are only sent in the Minerva 14(8163)bottle with a white(8097) cap.

All orders are final. This includes sample orders, as well as custom, private label orders. Diamond Cosmetics will not accept returns or exchanges after point of sale. Deposits are non-refundable.

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STEP TWO: SELECT YOUR OPTION With your budget in mind, select the option that works best for your budget.

Option #1:

Choose From the Following Bottle Options

8248 Lisa 10mL-.33 fl.oz.
8261 Gigliola 15mL-.50 fl. oz.
8057 Raquel 15mL- .50 fl. oz.

Standard Formulation
Minimum Order-288 bottles
(12 colors/treatments, 24 bottles per color/treatment)
Base cost:* US $878.40 ($3.05 Each)
Luxury Cap Upgrade:* $1,065.60 ($3.70 Each)

Halal Formulation
Minimum Order-288 bottles
(12 colors/treatments, 24 bottles per color/treatment)
Base cost:* US $1,022.40 ($3.55 Each)
Luxury Cap Upgrade:* $1,209.60 ($4.20 Each)

Option #2:

Choose from the bottles and caps on our site.
Minimum Order-1,008 bottles
(14 colors/treatments, 72 bottles per color/treatment)
Base cost:* Varies. Please email to get pricing on the bottle/cap you are interested in.

*For both options 1 and 2 there is a one time $125.00 charge for the printing plate. There is also and additional $50.00 Artwork Charge. Additional imprints, packaging upgrades, or other add-ons will also add to this price.


Send us your artwork so that we can determine if it works with the packaging (bottle/cap) you have selected. Your Sales Associate will work with you along with our in-house Graphic Designer, to create a virtual sample for your approval before we decorate your bottles. Please keep in mind the shape of your bottle when sending in artwork. The one-color imprint can be in done in black, silver, white, or gold. (We have found that black and silver tend to imprint best.) The imprint areas for each bottle can be found on our website. Go to and click on the bottle of your choice. A pop-up with the imprint area will come up. Bottles are decorated with a direct imprint, not a label.

Correct artwork will be:

• Black and White
• High resolution vector format (ai, eps, or Illustrator PDF).
• Sized for Imprint Area

With Option 1, we offer a general ingredients label with the country of origin (U.S.A). This is included in the base price.
For Option 2, you are responsible for providing your customers with the ingredients in your products. This can be done by providing the list on the bottle in the form of a custom label or direct imprint, on a custom bottom ingredients label, on exterior packaging (a box), or on your website.

General Ingredients List

Download Ingredients Label Instructions

Watch How To Apply Ingredients Label

Be sure to check the FDA/Labeling Regulations for compliance. Diamond Cosmetics is not responsible for non-compliance with the FDA regulations.

You must include your company name, the words "nail enamel" or "nail polish" and the net weight on the front of your product. Please keep this in mind when designing your artwork.


We offer over 300 long-lasting nail polish colors in various finishes (creams, shimmers, pearls, sheers, glitters, foils). Our full selection of colors is available online.
Download Nail Polish Color Chart
We also offer over 34 Shades in a Halal certified, breathable formula.
Download Halal Polish Color Chart

We highly suggest you include treatments in your line. We offer a variety of topcoats, basecoats, cuticle oils, and more.
Download Treatments Chart

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BOTTOM LABELS -A sticker on the bottom of each bottle with the color name/number is included in the price of your bottles. You may provide us with names for your colors and treatments or you may use ours. We suggest creating your own names to fully customize your line.

Custom bottom labels are also available for an additional charge.

5,000 Labels= $360.00
10,000 Labels = $500.00

One Time Additional Charges

Plate Charge: $125.00
Prep & Proof: $100.00
Artwork Charge: $50.00

Quality & Production Time:

Our polish is NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS and is considered 10-FREE since it does not contain the following ingredients: Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Camphor, Xylene, Ethyl Tosylamide, Parabens, Acetone, Triphenyl Phosphate (TPHP) and Fragrance. Our polish is vegan-friendly and lasts up to 10 days.

Production time for a new order is 6-8 weeks. Reorders usually take 4 weeks.

Please note that reorders for Option #1 must always be for 288 bottles.

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