Fall 2020- Sign Of The Times Collection

Introducing 6 new Fall shades! The inspiration for this collection was the need for kindness, caring, and unity during these trying times. We are all in this together and, as difficult as it is, we need to lift each other up. 596 – There Is Hope 597 – Lend A Hand 598 – United We … Continue reading “Fall 2020- Sign Of The Times Collection”

Go natural with our Soy based Products

The arrival of cool fall air brings many things we love… fluffy sweaters, hot coffee & ciders, bonfires… and one thing we don’t love. Dried out skin. It is easy to apply lotions and oils to keep our skin soft and moisturized, but one area that is easily neglected is our nails. Show some love to your … Continue reading “Go natural with our Soy based Products”

Our Favorites Summer Colors | 2019

This summer, we’re hot for the best nail colors. With our shade range of 250+ shades, we are highlighting a variety of our favorite summer picks for you to incorporate in your line. With natural nails taking trend, our top picks are 389: Cherry Blossom and 540: Pure Innocence. These shades are the perfect balance … Continue reading “Our Favorites Summer Colors | 2019”

Color Trends Fall & Winter 2018/19

Normally, in a season full of neutrals, we have seen a surprising amount of vibrant shades emerging. This is largely due to consumer’s new found awareness of the impact and meaning of color, and willingness to make braver color choices. Vivid blues and reds are dominating this season with staple shades such as Pantone 19-1536 … Continue reading “Color Trends Fall & Winter 2018/19”

Halal Cosmetics Grow In Popularity

Halal Cosmetics Grow in Popularity   In just the past year we have begun to see a growth in the Halal Nail polish market.  For years it has been a source of frustration for Muslim women who participate in wudu, a washing ritual that takes place before prayer and requires that water touch every part … Continue reading “Halal Cosmetics Grow In Popularity”

Nail Treatments In Mini Bottles

With the spring comes change, and we’re betting nail care is going to be in high demand. Offer your clients a chance to take care of their nails between appointments with take home, mini nail treatments. We offer a wide selection of treatments to choose from. For touchups between manicures, offer them our 19607 Super … Continue reading “Nail Treatments In Mini Bottles”