How It Works

The process of starting your own nail polish line is quite simple. The first step is to pick your packaging option.


(12 colors, 24 per color)

We offer startup companies the opportunity to start small and grow their business. The minimum order is 288 bottles and you must order in multiples of 24 per color.

Under this option, you do not get to select your bottle but you do get to select your cap. The bottle you get is our item #8248 Lisa bottle. You may order as many colors as you like but you must order at least 24 bottles of each color and/or nail treatment.

The price per bottle for Option #1 is dependent upon the cap you choose. If you select a standard, plastic cap, your cost per bottle will be less than if you select a metal, soft touch, decorated, or overcap. Please contact us for pricing.

We offer pad printing for the front of your bottles. This means that we imprint your company name and logo, along with the words Nail Enamel or Nail Polish and the Net Wt. right onto the bottles. We also place a generic ingredient label on the back of your bottles, which contains the ingredients, country of origin, and warning symbols. All of this is included in the prices we will give you when you contact us. A sticker on the bottom of each bottle with the color name/number, is also included in the price. You may provide us with the names for your colors and treatments.

Please note: Reorders for Option #1 must always be for 288 bottles or more.



For those who would like to order a different bottle or a larger quantity, we offer Option #2. The minimum order is 1,008 bottles (72 bottles per color of 14 colors/ treatments).

In this case, you select the bottle and the cap you want from those that are featured on our website. Let us know the quantity you wish to order, as well as the bottle and cap numbers, and we will give you a price quote.


Our polish is NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS and is FREE FROM THE FOLLOWING INGREDIENTS: Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Camphor, Xylene, Ethyl Tosylamide, Parabens and Acetone.

Our color chart is a good way to select your initial colors or samples, but please note that each computer screen is different, so colors may appear slightly different in real life. If you really want to know what a color is like, please order a sample. Our nail polish comes in different finishes, such as sheer, shimmer, cream , pearl, metallic, and glitter.

Production time for a new order is 6-8 weeks. Reorders usually take 4 weeks.


Samples are $2.75 each plus shipping. If you place a Private Label order with us, we will issue a credit of up to $24.00 ($1.00 for each sample purchased), to apply towards your first Private Label order within 90 days. You may also purchase a “Complete Color Library” containing every one of our colors and nail treatments ($425.00 including shipping). Please note that samples are only sent in the Lisa bottle with the silver toned cap.

Shipping charges for samples of 1 to 24 bottles are additional, We ship via FedEx Ground/Home Delivery to enable you to track your shipment.
*Non U.S. Customers, please ask us about our international shipping policy.


We can provide you with custom nail colors if you wish. However, this is a service that is traditionally used by larger customers, as the requirement is for a 5 gallon purchase per color. The procedure is as follows:

  • You provide us with a fabric swatch or a nail polish color you wish to duplicate, or a Pantone color number
  • We ask the lab to make up a sample according to your specifications. This takes 3-4 weeks
  • If you approve the sample sent by the lab, we will then get you a price (per gallon) for the total 5 gallon purchase. If you want us to fill for you, we will also provide a price for decorating and filling in the packaging you have selected. When we fill your custom shades, please note that we must fill all 5 gallons at the same time. We do not offer a storage program.
  • The lab takes 6-7 weeks to actually produce the 5 gallons ordered

We do not provide custom-designed bottles. This is something you would have to arrange directly with a bottle manufacturer.


We welcome orders from international customers. We ship worldwide, but there are a few things to know when you order from Diamond Cosmetics.

  • Every country has its own regulations about importing nail enamel. Please contact the local Customs authorities in your country to make sure that you are allowed to import nail enamel made in the USA into your country. Get information on what you can expect in terms of customs duties (taxes), and find out if your country requires special documents. Ask whether you must register the products before you buy from us. Your Customs authorities may request special documents such as: a “Certificate of Free Sale”; a “Certificate of Origin”’; a “Commercial Invoice”, or an ingredients list, etc.

  • It is vital that you find out all your country’s requirements, so that your shipment is not held up in Customs or returned to us as undeliverable. We can provide many of these documents free of charge to you, but some countries require documents to be signed and sealed by their our country’s consulate in the United States. If this is the case, we will let you know what the charges are for this service.

  • Nail enamel (polish) is flammable, therefore when shipped, it is considered a “dangerous good.” This means that shippers must have special documents prepared for this type of shipment. We charge $75.00 for the preparation of these documents, which are required every time we ship internationally (unless it is a small quantity of samples).

  • We will ship color samples to you using our own FedEx account, and will charge you the shipping rate. However, when it comes time for you to place a regular Private Label order, you must have either an account with FedEx, or you must use the services of a “freight forwarder.”

  • A “freight forwarding company” will pick up your shipment from us and arrange to have the goods delivered to your door. At your request, a freight forwarder can ship via air or sea.

  • Freight forwarders need to know what you are shipping, where you are shipping from and to, how many boxes (cartons) you are shipping, the total weight of the shipment, and the dimensions of your packages in order to give you pricing.

  • If you select a freight forwarder, you will become their customer (we are not their customer). Pricing and all other details are to be arranged between the freight forwarder and you. We will provide that company with the information on your shipment and will arrange an appointment to have your order picked up from our facility.

  • We recommend a particular freight forwarding company because many of our customers have been using this company for many years, but you are free to find any company that suits your needs.

  • It is also important to find out general regulations for nail enamel in your country: Are you required to have the country of origin on the bottle (“Made in USA”)? Must you have the ingredients on the bottle? Etc.

  • We accept the following payment forms: Credit Card; Bank/Wire Transfer; PayPal. Please note that wire transfers incur charges from your bank; make sure you ask what those charges are before you use this method of payment.

  • We want to make ordering and receiving your nail enamel, nail treatments, and lipsticks as easy as possible for you, so please ask us for help should you need it.

    We do not estimate shipping costs. We ship from Sunrise, FL 33351 and typically use FedEx Ground, because they provide us with good service at very good rates.

    We hope this answers some of your questions, but please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and to helping you achieve the look you want for your new line of nail polish.