Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ | Private Label Nail Polish

1. What is the minimum amount of bottles I must purchase?

288 bottles of nail polish.

2. Am I able to get samples to test out the polish?

Yes, there will be an attachment in the email you received from us. in which their are pages called “Sample Order Form” , “Sample Policy”, and “Credit Card Authorization Form”. Please read over the sample policy, fill out the order form and credit card authorization form when ready, and either email it back to the email address it came from, or fax it to (954) 572-4020

3. Am I able to name my own polish?

Yes, you may name your nail polish colors at no additional charge.

4. Do you sell Gel Polish?

No we do not currently offer Gel Polish.

5. Do you give advice and/or assistance with marketing or distribution into stores?

No, we do not give any type of marketing advice. This is your product. It is yours to do whatyou wish with it.

6. How long does it take to receive my finished product?

On first-time orders, production time is 6-8 weeks from the time your full payment is received, the virtual sample approved, and your sales order is approved.

7. How often does Diamond Cosmetics release new colors?

We release 6 new colors every season. Winter- Spring- Summer-Fall.

8. Will my logo be imprinted directly onto the nail polish bottle? Or is it a label?

Your logo will be directly imprinted onto the bottle.

9. Since Option 1 only allows the Lisa #8248 Bottle (can be found on the packaging page) am I able to change the cap and will it cost anything?

Yes, you may change the cap. If the black, white or silver cap is plastic, there is no addi-tional charge. If you would like a luxury cap, like the soft touch matte cap(#8096ST), brushed silver metal cap (#8012), shiny gold cap  (#8150), or any of our overcaps (#8044, #8182, or #8238) it is an additional $0.65 per unit. Not all luxury caps are listed here. Please ask your sales associate for the cap selection spreadsheet or scroll through on the packaging page to view which caps are available with your bottle. 

10. What is the cost per bottle for Option 1?

If you are not getting a luxury cap, the cost is $3.05 per bottle.

11. What is the cost per unit for Option 2?

Option 2 allows you to choose whatever bottle and  cap combination that is compatible on our website. The price is dependent on the bottle and cap combination, so you must contact our sales team for final pricing. We cannot give you pricing over the phones. Quotes can only be done through email, as we need quotes to be in written form.

12. Am I able to create my own custom polish?

Yes, however, this requires a minimum purchase of 5 Gallons of Polish per color. Five gallons of polish will fill approximately 1,100 full sized bottles of polish or about 2,200 mini bottles. The cost per gallon can range anywhere between $80-$180.

13. Do you offer other products besides nail polish?

Yes, We offer nail treatments, soy based nail polish remover, and private label cosmetics.

FAQ | Private Label Cosmetics

1. What is the minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity is as follows:

Lipstick, Matte Liquid Lipstick, Lip Gloss, and Eyeshadow: 144 Total Pieces, minimum of 12 per color.

Blush: 96 Pieces, minimum of 12 per color.

Concealer: 48 Pieces, minimum of 12 per color.

2. How many colors and formulations of each cosmetic do you have?

As of April 2018, The number of colors available for each cosmetic is as follows:

Lipstick: 53 Shades. Cream, Shimmer, and Matte Formulations.

Liquid Matte Lipstick: 14 Shades. Matte Formulation.

Lip Gloss: 14 Shades. Sheer, Cream, and Shimmer Formulations.

Eyeshadow: 24 Shades. Matte and Shimmer Formulations.

Blush: 8 Shades. Vary in shimmer from none to heavy. 1 Bronzer available.

Concealer: 4 Shades. Cream formulation.

3. Can I order samples?

Yes, we highly encourage you to ask your sales associate to send you the Sample Order Form for whichever cosmetics you are interested in.

4. Can I name my own cosmetic colors?

Yes, we highly recommend that you do name your shades. You will order the cosmetics by the color number and provide us with the names. We will then place a label on each tube or case with the shade name you selected for that color.

5. How long does it take until I receive my order?

Production time is approximately 4 weeks from the date we receive approval of the sales order, your 50% deposit, and approval of your artwork.

6. Will my logo be directly printed on the cosmetic case or will it be a label?

Only the Lipstick case is available with a direct imprint.If you wish to private label your other cosmetics, we do offer label packages, however pricing on this is quoted separately as it largely depend on which cosmetics and how many cosmetics you are getting. For example, if you are getting blush and eyeshadow together or concealer and lipgloss together, It may be cheaper as they can use the exact same labels. If you are getting eyeshadow and matte liquid lipstick however, pricing would be more expensive as they require different labels.

7. Do you give advice and/or assistance with marketing or distribution into stores?

No, we do not. This is solely your product. We cannot take on the role of a consultant because it would be a conflict of interest.

8. Am I able to create my own custom cosmetic shades?

We do not offer customized cosmetic shades at this time, however, if you feel there is a color we are missing, please advise us as we may consider adding said shade in future releases.